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Dhammajarinee Witthaya Girls' School, Thailand

Thai Student.

This free boarding school, run by Buddhist nuns, provides a safe home and quality education to orphaned and other disadvantaged girls who would otherwise be vulnerable to a life-time of poverty or prostitution.  Learn more--





Ideal Girls High School(Formely Maharishi secondary School for Girls)

Uganda Student.

This school serves an area of Uganda that previously had no good non-sectarian schools for girls. The Consciousness-Based educational approach brings joy and opportunity to these girls and their communities.  Learn more--


EDAPO (Economic Development and HIV/AIDS Prevention Organisation)  Orphan School, Uganda

EDAPO Orphans with caretaker.

In collaboration with EDAPO, Seeds of Heaven supports a school that provides food, education, and basic medical care to children orphaned by HIV/AIDS.    



 Institute for Excellence in Africa (IEA) 


Conf for Traditional Kings.

The Institute for Excellence in Africa coordinates seed projects and planning conferences for Consciousness-Based approaches to African educational, economic, and cultural development.  Learn more--



Middle East Peace Project 


Jerusalem in golden light.

Conflict has long been endemic in the Middle East.

Seeds of Heaven supports the establishment of peacemaking groups that take a deeper, Consciousness-Based approach.




Nepal Peace-Creating Schools 


Nepali Student.

Several schools in Nepal have incorporated Consciousness-Based education into their curriculum--including a military academy. The young "warriors" are proud to be protecting their country by generating peace!



Maharishi Towers of Invincibility


MTI SOH-Donation

The Maharishi Towers of Invincibility are Maharishi’s gift of perfection in all areas of life, providing the knowledge to awaken the full potential of creativity, intelligence, and bliss in human consciousness and to align every nation with Natural Law.




Latin American Peace Project


Mayan Site. Seeds of Heaven supports the establishment of Peace-Creating communities in Latin America. 





African TTC


Nandi Hills Teacher with Students. Please help support 6 candidates from 4 African countries for the 2014 teacher training course in Thailand. We need $3500 for each candidate.





Support a Country



Invincible Ukraine Initiative

St Michael's Church in Kiev.This project supports a group of advanced meditators to practice the TM and TM-Sidhi programs full time together in Kiev, generating much-needed coherence--for peace, progress, and prosperity in Ukraine. Learn more--

Dominica Flag. Dominica


Togo Flag. Togo

Kenya Flag. Kenya  Learn more--


Trinidad and Tobago Flag. Trinidad

Nepal Flag.

Nepal  Learn more--


Uganda Flag. Uganda  Learn more--

St Kitts and Nevis Flag. Saint Kitts and Nevis

 Senegal Flag. Senegal


Mali Flag. Mali



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